Master Thesis – Toast IT project

Master thesis – Innovative use of low-tech cultural probe in public space to help users articulate and define technical needs.

Social smartphone use in caféThe problem we face now-a-days in the public space is the use of smartphones in social situations. This is both an issue for the public as well as a people visiting the public spaces. Some cafés lose revenue dealing with the use of smartphones, tablets and computers, while visitors feel greater annoyance about technology taking up the social space. As a designer I have the responsibility to explore and understand these social and cultural phenomenon.

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Hidden Places – App Concept

‘Skjulte Steder – Sans din by’ – ‘Hidden Places – sense your city’

Sep 2014 – Jan 2015

Skjulte steder / Hidden places cooperated with our team of interdisciplinary 9th semester students from the Culture Communications course.

Their problem: High interest in information and experiencing the city from the hidden perspectives, but having too few resources to communicate and show these elements.

The project: Conceptualize an App, to keep the integrity of the community driven enterprise and to invite newcomers and others to explore their city and share this enterprise.

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LEGO Insight

LEGO Insight – 3D space and how to use it to sell concepts and pitch ideas

Nov 2014

One of the tasks presented in the Advanced Interaction Design course, was the use of 3D technology and bluescreen room to pitch an innovative concept. With ethnographic studies of the chosen space, we found that the playground was a perfect place for implementing extra dimensions of interactivity, due to its proximity to Fætter BR (danish toy-store) with the frequent visits of families with children. The use of cut-out paper lego figurines was enough to spawn curiosity and playfulness with most of the visiting children. My primary roles were process-supervisor, graphic designer, critical analytic and study-coordinator. I also worked 3D program and bluescreen filming.

  • Blender
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Unity

LEGO Compose

LEGO Compose – Building sounds

Nov 2014

One of the tasks presented in the Advanced Interaction Design course was incorporating sound as a component in a design project. In the continuous usage of the LEGO theme, we connected a webcam with grid sensor through Max MSP Jitter to produce sounds. My primary roles were idea-generation, workshop coordinator, and programmer.

  • Arduino + circuits
  • Max MSP Jitter
  • Workshop


LEGO FLUX – Smart materials study

Nov 2014

One of the tasks presented in the Advanced Interaction Design course, was the use or build of smart materials. Our group’s focus was on LEGO and how they functioned as not only essential building blocks of the material, but also the unseen forces of electricity. My primary roles were conceptualizing wireframes, creative and reflective discussions enforcer, and material analyser.

Anrarstudio – Meaning

Anrar(studio) – An.rar

Oct 2013

anrarlogoI reserved the domain in case i ever did freelancer work, but to be honest i would much rather be in a company and work with cool people. The concept of Anrar is a combination of Anne and the .rar type file, which is a compressed and compact. Its about cramming so much personality and charm into a tight space, and hope that everything gets unpacked properly when it hits you, the reader.
The logo for the original website went through several iterations, testing which fits the ideal. This was the first time i was using Illustrator. Horrid colors and horridly flat, but i didn’t know any better. The website would gain far more flair if one of the hand-drawn logos were chosen instead.

Flash Game – Crystal Serenity

Simple Flash Game promoting Peace and Quiet

Sep 2013

Nature is somehow nurturing and i thought that some pictures i took of woods would do good for a small flash minigame.

I designed it to calm the senses and let the mind have a break from other activities. With the objective to jump branches and collect crystals on a 2D map, the woodland familiar you control is accompanied by Brian Enos ambient Music for Airports 2/2.

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Social Memes – Subcultural Capital

Social Memes – Example of Memes as Subcultural Capital

Apr 2013 – May 2013

Meme originally stems from Richard Dawkins definition of how ideas and values spread in a culture. It has since become images that are medium for emotion and opinion.

To get a better grasp on the way cultural memes spread through social media, how the social aspects play an important role in successfully integrating value and information to target audience, i analysed a classic example of meme culture gone wrong.

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Bachelor Project – Critical Design Workshop

Bachelor Project – Using critical design as inspiration material for ideasketching workshops.

Sep 2012 – Jan 2013

The bachelor project focused on bringing critical reflection to in regards of creating a commercial or useful product tailored for their individual needs. The specific project workshop helped the participants redefine their relationship with their social media and helped them communicate and express their likes and dislikes of existing media.

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